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U.S.S. Agincourt E
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About UFP Peace Corp Sigma Red


 "The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that Star Trek has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and abilities"

-  Gene Roddenberrry 1921-1991


Is your current fleet not going anywhere, getting stuck at tier 1?

Are you tired of silly ship names?
Are you fed up with having "obligations" to your fleet and being expected to contribute?
Want a more casual, easy going fleet?
Maybe you want to be in a fleet, just to stop those annoying invites?
Are you primarily a traditional trekkie rather than primarily an MMO player?
Do you want more trek and less MMO?
Was the motivation for playing Star Trek Online because it's trek rather than because it's an MMO?
Sick of silly ship names?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then the members of UFP Peace Corps Sigma Red invite you to join us!.

We are a new, but quickly growing fleet of true trekkies. We welcome both serious and casual players of all of any level and all ages. We have been going for over a year now. Although we are not a large fleet, we have several very dedicated members.

We welcome all levels, Romulans, casual and hardcore players of all ages. You will not have any obligations to the fleet projects or be expected to contribute, you only contribute what you feel you can or want to. You will not be removed from the fleet just because you haven't logged in for a while, you can come and go.

If you play Star Trek Online because you want to have fun and love trek then this is the fleet for you!

We are also open to amalgamating with dead, inactive or stagnant fleets not going anywhere.

If you play Star Trek Online because you want to have fun and love trek then this is the fleet for you!

Conditions of joining

  • Although we are GMT/BST based we have insomniacs in our fleet, so any time zone is fine.

  • You name your ship realistically, i.e. not U.S.S. Cantthinkofaname or U.S.S. Ultradeathkiller.

  • You believe in [in an animated Picard's voice] "The fundamental founding principles of the Federation" [end Picard voice] (Trust me, you'll get it you're the type of player we're looking for )

  • You believe that the core mission of Starfleet should remain a mission of peace

  • You preferably should believe J.J. Abrams should be charged with high treason against Roddenberryism, (Don't worry, this isn't a deal breaker though!)

  • You preferably should live, eat, breathe real trek.

  • Voice chat either in game or through ventrillo/teamspeak IS NOT REQUIRED, but we do have a teamspeak server, which I and several other members use.

  • Most of all, you must want to enjoy the culture of Gene Robbenberry's creation of Star Trek and express it through Star Trek Online

Contact ingame Tuwud@weirdtrekie30 (one k)

We look forward to seeing you out there!

To Federation members; Live Long and Prosper. Peace and Long Life
To Romulans Allies; Jolan Tru

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